3 Signs it is Time to Upgrade your Accounting Software

3 Signs it is Time to Upgrade your Accounting Software

Having accounting software that works for your business and not against it is crucial to ensure the productivity of your accounting department. But when was the last time you sat down and really evaluated if your current software was meeting your needs? Our guess is probably not in a while. There are several signs to keep an eye out for that can give you a clue if it is time to reevaluate your software. Today we will review 3 of them with you.

  1. Hearing frustration from your accounting team: Do you ever walk through your office only to hear sighs and talks of frustration coming from your accounting team? Don’t worry, that happens. Everyone gets frustrated at work from time to time. But when the tools that are provided are not able to support your team, it can be frustrating on a different level. Listen to your team and what they say they need to perform to the best of their ability. If you are not using an accounting software that can support your business’s accounting processes and needs, it makes the tasks for your team that much harder to complete.
  2. Month end taking longer than normal: Do you find that the month end process seems to be taking longer each month that goes by? That could be because of a lag in your accounting system is causing delay. If you are still using a server-based accounting system there could be a lag due to the number of users, the age of the server and so many other things. Not to mention that you are responsible for the security of your server. By switching to a cloud-based software you get more speed and less worry about the security of the system.
  3. Errors in the processes you have in place: Do you have accounting processes in place but yet you still seem to see errors that shouldn’t be happening, happen? That may not be the fault of the staff. It could be that the processes you have in place don’t function well within in your accounting system. Maybe it is outdated or slow. There are several different reasons why your accounting software could be causing these problems. But if you don’t notice them, they can never be resolved.

If you have seen any of these in your office, it is time to look into something new. If you are on a server, now is a perfect time to make the switch to a cloud-based software too! At Devine Consulting we are here to help you choose the right software for your needs. Contact us today to see how our process works and how we can help you! You can reach us at 281-545-4000.

Jennifer Devine

I'm an experienced finance professional with more than 20 years of experience. I've held several Controller positions throughout my career, most notably with an internationally respected commercial real estate investment, management, and brokerage firm. In this role, I was responsible for all aspects of accounting across the company's many operational divisions - including internet services, real estate development, property management, and brokerage services. As our company operated in multiple countries and currencies, it was essential to me that all financial reports were accurate and compliant.