4 Tips to Prep for Out of Office Time


With the holiday season in full swing it can be difficult to feel completely prepared to leave the office. As a business owner it is difficult sometimes to find the right balance for work and family time. How can you make sure you are prepared for that holiday time off? Whether you are leaving the office for a weekend or a week, we have 4 tips that will help you feel ready to take on this holiday season successfully!

1. Let your staff, contractors and other vendors know when you will be out of the office.

It might be difficult to walk away from work, but everyone needs some quality family time during this time of year. One helpful tip is to let your vendors, contractors and staff know well in advance when you plan to be out of the office. This can help everyone get what they need from you before you leave. That way you can take your mind off the office and enjoy you time off.

2. Work ahead to get everything organized for month end and the beginning of the year.

After the holidays it is easy to feel behind. It is always best practice to work ahead to make sure you have as much done in advance for month end as possible. Invoices always go out on the 15th? Get them ready by the 10th. Did you make deposits to the bank today? Don’t wait until the end of the month to enter them, do it the day of. It is also helpful to work ahead for any items that may need done at the beginning of the year. Working in advance will help you feel more organized through the holiday season and into the new year.

3. Clean out your inbox.

Your email inbox can feel overwhelming at times, especially if you are preparing to be out of the office. Before leaving the office take some time to clean out your inbox, delete the junk and respond to any important emails. If you are leaving for an extended period, this is a great time to let people know. If there is something that you didn’t get a chance to take care of before you leave, forward it to someone who can help out while you are out. Don’t forget to set your out of office message!

4. Clean off your desk.

An organized desk can make a huge difference both before you leave and after you get back. Before you leave go through items that are on your desk or in your inbox. Look at any items that may need approved or reviewed, file away old paperwork and make sure that there aren’t any outstanding items that you might need to take care of before you leave. By making this a priority before you leave, you have the peace of mind that you didn’t leave anything untouched or forgotten. It also helps you feel refreshed when you come back into the office to an organized work space.

This is a special time of year and everyone needs to take some time for themselves and their family, even business owners! At Devine Consulting, we can help take the financial work off of your plate all year round. We would be happy to sit down and discuss how we can partner with you as your accounting team! Call us today at 281-545-4000.

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