A Business Owners Guide to the Busy Holiday Season

Business Owners Guide to a Busy Holiday Season

This time of year is always extra busy and stressful. Between your business owner schedule and the personal commitments the holiday season brings, it can be difficult to find a good balance. Today we explore some tips that can help make this holiday season a little less stressful.

  1. Schedule your time. Everyone needs time during the holiday season, even business owners! It is important to schedule your time in advance, you don’t want to be scrambling to get things accomplished or working through the family Christmas dinner. By scheduling your time in advance, you can focus on what tasks are most important to get done before your out. The other benefit is you can let your staff, clients and other important contacts know when you are going to be out of the office. That way everyone is on the same page.
  2. Turn off the phone. (Or at least set it aside during events.) Everyone always has their cell phone with them, and it can make it difficult to really enjoy time spent with family and friends. While turning it off isn’t always reasonable, putting your phone away for a few hours is. By setting your phone aside to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, you will feel refreshed and refocused when it is time to focus back in on work.
  3. Work ahead. Working ahead is always easier said than done, we know. However, we think this mindset will help you really focus on the top tasks that need completed. When you have a focus on the top tasks for the month it is easier to make sure you plan out your time and ensure you are as productive as possible
  4. Know your staff’s schedules. This one may seem obvious but knowing your staff’s schedules and plans ahead of time is a great thing! Set a cutoff date for holiday PTO requests, that way you can make sure everyone has their time scheduled in advanced and no one is waiting until the last minute. The other nice thing about setting a cutoff date for requests is that your employees cannot catch you off guard with a random request. It will also make your life 10 times easier to ensure you have proper coverage all holiday long.

We hope that these tips helped and make you feel more prepared to take this holiday season on with confidence!

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