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At Devine Consulting, LLC, we provide our clients with Houston accounting services that help them make more informed and knowledgeable decisions about their company's finances. We are an extended part of your financial team that helps you keep your books in order.

As a small business owner, I truly appreciate superb customer service. Jennifer & the entire Devine Consulting team are all such a joy to work with. They are efficient and knowledgeable about all things QuickBooks related (and more!) I would highly recommend the Devine Consulting team!

Stephanie Potter

We Understand the Unique Needs of Contractors and Construction Firms

Keep Track of Income and Expenses

Failure to keep track of cash flow can hinder your business growth and your ability to reduce costs. When you work with us, we'll keep track of your accounts payable by entering and paying your bills. With accounts receivable, we'll be invoicing your clients for you and sending the invoice. We'll also receive payment and apply payments to those invoices. If your client hasn't paid, we can send a statement or reminder to your client to submit payment.

Accounting for contractors and construction firms can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Creating a standard invoicing method can reduce frustration and help you get paid faster.

Manage Your Payroll

We can process your payroll by collecting important data such as time and potential commissions. As accountants, it's our job to ensure that your payroll goes out promptly. We'll reconcile your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and lines of credit if you prepaid. For example, with prepaid insurance, you may pay it upfront for the year. But from a reporting standpoint, you want to see that each month so you can gain good insight into your company's performance.

Receive Accurate Monthly Reports

We do month-end reports for everything. We'll usually look at the six-month trend in your balance sheet or your profit and loss statement. Then, we'll give you a detailed report on each. This will help you understand your company's financial health and areas that may need improvement. If we notice anything amiss in your financial documents, we'll ask specific questions. We can even do customized specialty reports so that you can access the exact information you need.

Financial Accounting Services

Take part in a trusted, secure process

Trust is tremendous when handing over your finances to someone else. But we've got you covered. We've put security measures in place to give clients peace of mind. For example, with bill pay, there's an approval process in which the client either approves us to pay the bill or pays it themselves. This process means that we aren't paying for something without their knowledge.

We also don't have access to our client's bank accounts. We only request access to information from them to get the information we need. We can't transfer money or perform other unauthorized transactions.

Focus on Growing Your Business

When you outsource accounting, you gain more time to grow your business and improve your focus on workload management. With less pressure on you to manage your finances, you can focus more on what matters to you: the future of your business.

Work with Devine Consulting, and we'll not only help you keep track of your business finances, but we'll also guide you and train you to grow your business. We'll take care of the entire accounting needs instead of wondering, "Did my employees get paid?" or "Did I pay that invoice?" You're free to run your business.

We specialize in Accounting Services For:


Construction Firms

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The team at Devine Consulting really helped me out during a time when our business was not financially organized. I am very thankful for the hard work and organization that they have provided to us, now we can do business confidently!

Ashley Johnson

Our Houston Accounting Services

Reporting & Analysis

  • Generate Standard Reports & Statements
  • Establish Financial Performance Metrics
  • Custom Reports and Statements
  • Financial Statements
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Provide the Reports Needed for Business Bankers, Investors, Boards


  • Segregating Business & Personal Expenses
  • Enter Credit Card Charges
  • Record Debit Card Transactions and Manual Checks
  • Record ACH Transactions
  • Process Multi-Currency Transactions
  • Petty Cash Reconciliations
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Marketable Securities Reconciliations


  • Setup Customers
  • Progressive Billing
  • Enter Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
  • Setup Estimates, Sales Orders, & Invoicing Systems
  • Create Estimates
  • Issue Invoices
  • Enter Sales Receipts and Receive Payments
  • Issue Credit Memos/Refunds
  • Send Reminders and Statements
  • Accounts Payable

Financial Systems

  • Financial Operations Consulting
  • Review of Current Systems and Procedures
  • Document Management
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Administration Policies & Procedures
  • Internal Controls

End-of-year Accounting

  • Coordinating with CPA
  • Audit Preparation
  • Adjusting Journal Entries
  • Manage and Report 1099s

Filings / Forms

  • 1099 & 1096 Forms
  • Remitting Sales Tax Monthly or Quarterly


  • Payroll Provider Selection
  • Setup & Modify Employee Payroll Information
  • Payroll Entries
  • Payroll Processing

Accounting Software

  • Software Selection
  • Installation & Setup
  • Software Training
  • Customization
  • Report Writing


  • Setup Inventory & POS Systems
  • Enter Items/Inventory Received
  • Create & Modify Price Level Lists
  • Process Sales Tax Payments
  • Inventory Adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners know that financial accounting is essential, but they may not realize its importance. After all, accounting is the process of keeping track of your financial transactions. Wrong. Accounting is so much more than that. It's about understanding your financial position, identifying potential growth areas, and making sound decisions to help your business succeed. In short, accounting is essential for ensuring the health of your business.

So what does this have to do with your bottom line? Everything. Good accounting practices can save money by helping you avoid costly mistakes, identify areas of wasted spending, and maximize your profits. Businesses that practice good accounting typically see a 20% increase in earnings within the first year. So if you're not already focusing on accounting, now is the time to start. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

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