August 2015


August 2015

Important dates to remember!

  • Monday, August 3rd – Owner – Jennifer Devine’s birthday
  • Sunday, August 2nd – National Sisters Day
  • Monday, August 24th – Anniversary of Pluto’s Demotion
  • Wednesday, August 26th – National Dog Day

Microsoft Dynamics SL – KeyChange Add-On

Is your business changing and you need to change key fields in Microsoft Dynamics SL? The KeyChain add-on allows you to change 40 key fields in your Microsoft Dynamics SL databases. Below are a few examples on what can KeyChange can be used for.

  • Clean up the company’s chart of accounts after company structure change.
  • Reformat account number schemes making them longer or shorter.
  • Combine accounts, customers and/or vendors without losing any history.
  • Account type changes.
  • Remove unused accounts, sub accounts, vendors and/or customers.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Renumber inventory product lines, project and task and more.
  • Account and sub-account combination changes are also available.

For more information on this useful resource please contact Jennifer via e-mail –

QuickBooks – Tips and Tricks

There are many different things that QuickBooks can do that even some seasoned users do not know. Below are just a few of the many!

  • Like to view several windows at once but have a hard time going between them? Click View and then Open Window List. This will show an easy click through of all windows open.
  • Have many different checking accounts and don’t want to get confused? Change the background color by going to Edit Menu and selecting Change Account Color.
  • Did you create two of the same vendor by mistake? You can merge them by copying the name of the one you want to keep into the same field of the one you want to merge. QuickBooks will then ask you if you would like to merge.
  • Want more tips and tricks for QuickBooks? E-mail Stephanie –

Meet Tiger Lily our office cat.

While we diligently work hard on all of our client’s needs she watches over us in between naps.

Did you know that having an animal in the work place can reduce stress and increase productivity?

Tiger Lily helps us with that so we can continue to provide great service to our clients every day!

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Jennifer Devine

I'm an experienced finance professional with more than 20 years of experience. I've held several Controller positions throughout my career, most notably with an internationally respected commercial real estate investment, management, and brokerage firm. In this role, I was responsible for all aspects of accounting across the company's many operational divisions - including internet services, real estate development, property management, and brokerage services. As our company operated in multiple countries and currencies, it was essential to me that all financial reports were accurate and compliant.