The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Almost 90% of small businesses outsource services to increase efficiency and expertise. In fact, accounting is one of the most common services for which they seek support.

As a business owner, you don’t always have the time or expertise to work on your company’s books. But thankfully, you don’t have to do all the work yourself or hire a full-time bookkeeper. You can outsource! As you learn more about outsourced accounting, understand some of the most prominent ways it can benefit your business.

What Is Outsourced Accounting?

Outsourced accounting calls on a third-party vendor to offer the services of a full accounting department for a fixed price. This team handles all of a business’s accounting functions, from your standard bookkeeping to payroll, financial planning, projections, and more.

Accounting typically isn’t a business owner’s primary expertise. To avoid headaches, frustration, and a general waste of resources, outsourced accounting services can help you reclaim your time and focus on what’s most important to you—growing your business. See what else outsourcing can do for you with the following seven benefits.

1. You’ll Save Money

Unsurprisingly, the #1 reason companies outsource is to save money. One of the biggest drawbacks to internally hiring a full-time employee is that all costs must be considered, from salary to benefits and taxes. Often, businesses also have to pay for software expenses, gadgets, and other materials. Since outsourced accounting teams are managed by a third-party vendor, the overwhelming labor costs are handled by this provider.

With an outsourced model, you can pay for financial assistance per service and get much more bang for your buck with the help of experienced professionals.

2. You’ll Have Access to a Team of Experts

Speaking of, there’s no better way to get the help of a full-on accounting team than with outsourced accounting services. If you’re doing your own books, a great question to ask yourself is this: “Can someone do this quicker, smarter, and maybe even better than me?” The answer is a likely “yes.”

Even if you’ve fared well being your own financial controller or having an in-house bookkeeping expert, a strong team will cover the gaps in expertise. One person is rarely enough to offer all the services a business needs, and if someone excels at payroll but isn’t as knowledgeable about what it takes to be a payables clerk, you risk limiting your company’s financial potential and increasing the chance for mistakes.

3. Guaranteed Efficiency & Accuracy

Without accurate reporting, you limit your company’s productivity. Effective reporting helps you better understand important business metrics such as margins, budgeting matters, and performance trends. This way, you can make more informed operational decisions.

Outsourced accountants typically have many years of service and have seen countless situations from which they can glean experience. As such, they have the technology and tools to deliver accurate solutions that’ll keep you compliant with federal regulations and help you make better financial decisions.

As you learn about the benefits of bookkeeping services and outsourcing your accounting systems, learn more about common situations that will let you know when to outsource.

4. Scalability

As your company grows from a start-up to an established business, so do your accounting needs. Your accounting tasks will likely get much more complex as you reach numbers you’ve probably never handled.

An outsourced accounting team is ready to support changing needs in real time. Do you have more invoices, investors, or banks to deal with? Is your staff size double or triple the original amount? Is your cash flow significantly greater than ever before? Keep your financial information together and stay ahead of the curve without facing the growing pains and potential financial pitfalls growth can cause.

5. Reduced Risk of Fraud

Fraud is widespread, and when you’re wearing many different hats while running a business, you could easily foster an environment for malicious threat actors to thrive. This could look like not being as careful about your network security, letting too many eyes browse over your financial records, and many other liabilities. With so many risks, fraud is seen as almost unavoidable with an in-house department.

But with an outsourced company, the chance for data theft and other security violations is much lower, thanks to the secured systems that third-party suppliers use—some might even be as secure as the average banking account. Plus, the last thing the outsourced company wants to do is gain a bad rep for security breaches and other fraudulent behavior.

6. Extra Analysis

Getting the hard numbers is one thing, but what good is observing your cost savings and financial records without understanding what it means for your business? Even when companies consider outsourcing their bookkeeping services, they often miss out on the complete picture that could lead to further growth.

That’s where an outsourced accounting firm differs. Your company will get the core business intelligence solutions that’ll sit and analyze what you’re doing, how you can adjust, and where you’re projected to go. Think of it as having a personal coach on the field who can lead and guide you.

7. Better Tools, Better Processes

Finally, outsourcing will ensure you’ll have the most up-to-date accounting software and tools at your disposal. External vendors are always looking at the market and the latest technological advances that guarantee a smooth process. Instead of shelling out more money for the latest version of multiple hardware and software products, many services include the costs of these features in their set price.

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