R is for reliable

R is for Reliable

2020 has not been what any of us have expected. You hear it all the time. But around our office it really got us thinking, what CAN we do to make 2020 better? What CAN we do to be better as a team and as individuals? And it made us circle back to FRANK and…

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Time Management watch

Time Management Quiz

When you own a business, your time is very important. There are only so many hours during the day, and you don’t want to spend all of them working. But how do you know if your time management is out of control? And if it is, what can you do to help with that? Maybe…

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Business people or accountant using calculator in office

Outsourcing: Get a Team Behind Your Business

Fall is here and the end of the third quarter is here for business owners. As you look to the end of the year it may also be a good time to evaluate how you are spending your time. What tasks are you completing that may not be the best use of your time? What…

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Partner with Your Accounting Professional

Employer Branding – A great article from Accounting Today

As a business owner you know how important your company brand is but have you considered what your employer branding looks like? While this article is written towards accounting firms it has some great information about how to market yourself as an employer. It may not be something you have thought about before, but your company culture…

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F is for FUN

Here at Devine Consulting our company values are represented by FRANK. FRANK stands for Fun, Reliable, Accessible, Nurturing and Knowledgeable. Today we are talking about F. F stands for Fun. During the trying times we are in, it is difficult to keep the fun in the day to day work environment. As a business owner…

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We know you have seen and heard a lot about FRANK. From our “Let’s Be FRANK” video series on our website and on our social media pages, FRANK is very popular. So today we thought it would be good to talk to you about who FRANK is, what he represents and why he is important…

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Devine Dictionary

Devine Dictionary: Balance Sheet

You may have seen a balance sheet or hear it being discussed. But do you really know what a balance sheet shows you? On today’s entry of Devine Dictionary, we talk about a balance sheet and what it shows you about your business. A balance sheet is almost like taking a photo. You take a…

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Reports, computer

Cloud Accounting: Now is the time to switch

We have talked about cloud accounting before. You may or may not have been ready to make the switch previously. However, with the world constantly changing around us it is important to make sure you are prepared for anything that could come at us next. Being on the cloud will make it easier for you…

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Let's Be FRANK: Video 6

Let’s Be FRANK: Video 6

Today on Let’ Be FRANK we discuss the PPP loan. Not how you can get it forgiven by the government but what you can do right now to set yourself up for success! Watch Let’s Be FRANK: Video 6

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Smiling female analyst in consultation

Benefits to Outsourcing

With the recent change of the work environment due to the coronavirus, it makes you really look at how you are running your business. Even here at Devine Consulting we have had to make changes to how we function as an office and a team. We are fortunate to be able to have our staff…

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Let's Be FRANK: Video 5

Let’s Be FRANK: Video 5

On today’s Let’s Be FRANK Jennifer discuss unused employee vacation. What do you plan on doing for your employees extra vacation this year? Watch Let’s Be FRANK: Video 5

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Devine Dictionary

What Is Reconciliation?

What is reconciliation? You hear this term a lot when you talk to accountants, but do you really understand what it means? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. By understanding reconciliations, you will see why it is important to have this task completed on a regular basis. We like to compare reconciliations to sorting and…

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Let's Be FRANK: Video 4

Let’s Be FRANK: Video 4

What are you looking forward to as things start to transition back to normal? We asked our staff what they miss on today’s Let’s Be FRANK! Check it out on our YouTube Channel! Watch Let’s Be FRANK: Video 4

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Let's Be FRANK: Video 3

Let’s Be FRANK: Video 3

On today’s episode of Let’s Be FRANK Jennifer discusses keeping your employee morale up, while also keeping energized as a business owner. We also have some ideas on how to keep your employee morale up in one of our blog posts. Ideas for Keeping Employees Engaged and Morale Up Watch Let’s Be FRANK: Video 3

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