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How to Pay Your Subcontractors and Submit 1099s

Business owners often use subcontractors, especially in the construction industry. Contractors depend on them to complete projects instead of hiring full-time employees. And often, these subcontractors specialize in their crafts. Paying subcontractors is a different task them paying your regular employees. These self-employed individuals set their rates and pay their taxes. Here, we give you…

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You Don’t Have to Dread Tax Season

It’s tax season! This, for many business owners, means sifting through receipts, spreadsheets, and stacks of paper, trying to be sure you have everything you need to file your taxes. It means extra hours, frustration, and praying you don’t get audited. Every year that deadline comes around again, and you swear you will do things…

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Tax Season Preparation is Madness

The NCAA’s March Madness is an exciting time for many people. With the best in the NCAA competing for the title of champion, it is easy to get sucked into the development of the bracket and lively game weekends. But for many people in the accounting world, March is a little mad for a different…

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