Contractor Accounting

PERSONALIZED Outsourced Accounting

We have years of experience working with various types of contractor companies including construction, pool builders, HVAC, plumbers, and more.

Think of this:

A landscaper might want to know how he's doing on each of his jobs. Detailed reporting can give him a better idea of how well he's performing in terms of time spent and money earned.

A pool company might have refurbishing projects and want a detailed report on their expenses to determine how much cash (if any) is available for the projects. They may want to see their profit margins on refurbishing a pool versus actually constructing a new pool. We can provide a project report on income per pool. Instead of just looking at everything at once, you can gain insight into each individual project you're working on and how that project's doing overall.

A home remodeler might need to know his cost of good sold versus his expenses so he can get a real understanding of his profits and where he might be leaking revenue. Daily entries for payroll and expenditures for that day's work requires discipline to ensure that no items are missed or forgotten. This, in turn, provide more accurate reporting.

Benefits to working with Devine

Get your weekends back

After a hard day's work, all you want to do is go home to your family, relax, and unwind. But you can't because you've got paperwork up to your ears and financial reporting to do. Working with Devine, you won't have to work weekends and evenings to accommodate these extra tasks, and will be able to achieve more balance in your life outside of work.

Tedious But Important Tasks

You don't have to spend hours doing your books and sending out invoices. You don't have to be late sending invoices or spend lots of time chasing payments that have yet to be made by clients. With proper invoicing you can bring in more consistent revenue since you aren't late sending your invoices.

Accurate Financial Reporting

We'll also organize your books and prepare reports for bank loans. We work with independent contractors to report on financial performance and keep your business running. All of that paperwork can be ready when you need it rather than the scramble to pull together required financial reports.

Contractor Accounting Services

  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Bank Loan Draws
  • Evaluating Expenses and Cash Flow
  • Preparing Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • Evaluating Company Worth

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