F is for FUN

Here at Devine Consulting our company values are represented by FRANK. FRANK stands for Fun, Reliable, Accessible, Nurturing and Knowledgeable. Today we are talking about F. F stands for Fun. During the trying times we are in, it is difficult to keep the fun in the day to day work environment. As a business owner…

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We know you have seen and heard a lot about FRANK. From our “Let’s Be FRANK” video series on our website and on our social media pages, FRANK is very popular. So today we thought it would be good to talk to you about who FRANK is, what he represents and why he is important…

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Devine Dictionary

Devine Dictionary: Balance Sheet

You may have seen a balance sheet or hear it being discussed. But do you really know what a balance sheet shows you? On today’s entry of Devine Dictionary, we talk about a balance sheet and what it shows you about your business. A balance sheet is almost like taking a photo. You take a…

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