Devine Dictionary: Outsourcing

Devine Dictionary

We say outsourcing a lot here at Devine Consulting, but what is outsourcing really mean? Today we are going to explore what outsourcing means to us here at Devine.

Outsourcing to us means hiring another entity to provide a service for your business versus hiring someone in-house. An example of this would be if you were needing accounting or bookkeeping services. Instead of hiring one accountant or bookkeeper you would hire another business (like Devine Consulting) to complete that work for you. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is the fact that you can afford to have a team behind you rather than one individual. Much of the time outsourcing is much more cost effective and you get a higher level of experience at less cost.

Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to another country for the service either. You can outsource to another local business and support your community. A lot of times we hear the fear that if they outsource, who will they go to with questions? With no one down the hall how will they get all of their questions answered? The nice thing when you outsource is all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Want to meet with someone in person? No problem! You can easily schedule a meeting (virtual right now of course).

When you see the word outsourcing it can be confusing as there are so many different definitions of the word. But to us outsourcing is getting a team of accountants behind your business. Someone who you can pick up the phone and call anytime to get questions answered and work with people who want your business to succeed. That is what outsourcing really means!

Amy Dionne