International Networking Week

This week is International Networking Week! At Devine, we understand the importance of networking and thought this would be a great time to talk about some of the benefits of setting time aside to meet other professionals.

  1. Gain beneficial relationships by joining a networking group that meets regularly: There are many different types of networking. One type is joining a group that meets on a regular basis, maybe weekly or monthly. Joining these groups can seem like more of a commitment up front. However, the one benefit of joining a group like this is you can get deeper relationships with those professionals. By spending time investing in these groups, you may see more of a reward. People will feel more comfortable sending you referrals and you may find someone who can guide you through any troubles you may have as you manage your career or business.
  2. Meet people you wouldn’t normally meet: Networking is a great way to meet professionals you wouldn’t normally meet in the day to day operations of running your business. You can meet people in the same industry as you or in a completely different industry. You may want to meet other business owners or be open to meeting professionals at all stages and levels of business. Trying different networking events and groups is a great way to see what type of meeting would be the most beneficial for you. It is also important to make sure you join a group you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy going, you won’t get anything out of it.
  3. Share referrals: Networking is a great way to meet professionals who provide a wide variety or services and products that are different from yours. You never know who you may meet and how you may be able to give them a referral. Networking can help build up your contact list, so you are able to provide referrals to clients, friends or even yourself! It is also important to keep in mind that the more people you get the opportunity to meet and get to know, the more referrals you may see come your way as well.

There are a lot of benefits to networking and this week is a great time to reflect on your current networking efforts. Are you in the best group for you? Should you be using this tool more often then you currently are? We think that networking is a great tool for anyone looking to advance their career and business. We hope that this review of benefits helped you decide to get out there and network.

Jennifer Devine