Love your Business: Tips to Prevent Burnout

Tips to prevent burnout

Being a business owner can be very stressful. But how do you keep yourself from getting burned out? How do you keep yourself in love with what you started? Today we are going to talk about a few things that help us from not getting burnout from the day-to-day stress of running and owning a business.

Unplug when feeling overwhelmed. It is normal to feel overwhelmed after a stressful day or meeting, so it is important to unplug. It is all too easy to stay connected to work 24/7 with cell phones and laptops. But after a stressful day you need to take a break. Use the evening to give you mind a rest and don’t look at those emails or answer that work call. It can wait until the morning when you are refreshed and ready to start a new day. Plus, spending time with family, friends or doing something you enjoy can be a great way to de-stress.

Don’t forget to eat. It is so easy when you have a busy day to go from one meeting to another, one email to a phone call with a client. But that can make the days long and tiresome. Don’t forget to stop and take care of yourself. Eat lunch, have a snack, drink water. All of these things can help keep your mind fresh and keep you on top of your daily list.

Try not to overschedule yourself. We know that is easier said than done at times, but it is true. Keeping an eye on your calendar and trying to balance your days when possible be helpful in the long term. There are inevitably days that you will have packed full of meeting and phone calls. But try to balance those days when you can with days that allow you time to catch up on other tasks that you need to complete. This will help you try to keep more of life/work balance which can help alleviate that overwhelmed feeling.

Getting burnt out is something that you need to avoid so you can successfully continue growing your business. You don’t want to get frustrated and have your business start to feel like a burden. It is important to remember why you started your business and what you love about it. Keeping the burnout away will help. We hope you found these tips helpful and you can implement them this year.

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Jennifer Devine

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