May 2016

Introducing Intacct! A Cloud Based Accounting Software

Devine Consulting is excited to announce our partnership with Intacct!  We are happy to be able to offer another software solution for new and growing businesses!

Intacct is a cloud based accounting software that not only offers you flexibility, but also visibility into your company. With a customizable dashboard and reports, you will be able to see your company’s finances quickly, easily and on the go!

  • What makes Intacct so different?
  • Allows you to have multiple locations and multiple entities making intercompany transactions easier.
  • Reports are highly customizable.
  • Employees can access information on the go from cell phones and tablets.
  • Work flow approvals are available.
  • Quarterly updates to the software with no need to have your own IT.
  • Integration with other applications so re-entry isn’t needed.

As your company continues to grow, Intacct has the ability to grow with it.

If you are interested in more information on Intacct, please e-mail us – , or visit

Jennifer Devine