National Small Business Week

Owning your own business is full of ups and downs, challenges and successes. One of the greatest parts about being a small business owner is being able to follow your passion. That is what National Small Business Week is all about. Recognizing all of the work and pride that goes into small businesses every day. Starting your own venture can be intimidating and at times very overwhelming. You are responsible for the success or failure of your business. Each business owner puts their blood, sweat and tears into every facet of their business to make it a success.

As a small business owner, Jennifer Devine, CEO of Devine Consulting, knows the growing pains and great highs that come from owning a small business. We sat down and asked her if she had any words of encouragement to share.

“Congratulations to all of us! We are doing it! We are small business owners and we work hard to make our dreams come to life. National Small Business Week is a great time to reflect on all we have accomplished. Whether you are just starting or have been in business for years, I want to say from one business owner to another, great work! It isn’t always easy, but every day we get up and decide to make our businesses a success. That in and of itself a success.”

“It is important to never give up on your goal,” Devine stated. “There will be times that you are stressed, strapped and feel as though you are failing, but you aren’t. All businesses go through low points, but that is the only way to get to the high points. If you don’t give up on your business, it won’t give up on you!”

“There will be times you lose the sale or lose a client. Look at those times as learning experiences, not failures,” Devine said. “It is important to keep a positive outlook to keep your head in the right space. It is difficult to start something from nothing and make it everything you imagined. But we all have the ability to be a success.”

We know that there are so many small businesses and business owners out there and we want to recognize all the hard work that they put in each day. Here is to a great small business week for 2019!

Jennifer Devine