We're on your team

We’re on your team!

We’re on your team

In any business, staffing changes can present challenges. While it’s exciting to bring in new ideas, skills, and strengths to your team, it also brings new personalities, ideas, and expectations. The same can be true when part of your operations are outsourced. New team members need some time to understand the role of an outsourced partner.

We’ve seen it before. Clients and customers of ours will hire new employees who aren’t familiar with the relationship the company has with Devine, and tension arises. So, we think it’s helpful to rethink how you look at it!

At Devine, we truly see ourselves as an extension of your team. Call us a partner, or a contractor, or your “numbers people”. However you phrase it, our job is to support your team with accounting, which also includes strategies, systems, and coordinating with your other team members, new and existing. We view ourselves as much more than just a vendor, or just people here to check a box.

So as you grow and hire new employees, we are eager to get to know them and learn how we can work together efficiently, all in an effort to support your business. We’re on your team!