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Founded in 2011, Devine Consulting is your partner for outsourced accounting. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services with one-on-one service and a personal touch that cannot be matched.

We offer the top options in accounting software and can provide transitions, implementation and training to you and your staff. We offer a range of experience from basic data entry to senior level accountants as well as CPAs all at a set monthly price.

Give us a call today to speak to one of our professional accountants to learn how Devine Consulting can help you.

At Devine Consulting we like to stand out in a crowd, which is why we have a unique, brightly colored bird to represent our brand. The Flamingo! Jennifer, founder and CEO of Devine Consulting, has always loved pink, so when she was creating the Devine Consulting brand pink had to be included.

When Jennifer won the Member of Excellence Award in 2016 for her Business Networking International (BNI) group she was tasked to create the centerpiece. She took a giant flamingo pool inflatable, blew up the head and voila, a centerpiece was made. It was a huge hit! The following year when Devine’s own Stephanie won the same award for her BNI group flamingos were, yet again, incorporated into the function. From there the flamingo became the unofficial mascot of the office. Everything from paintings of flamingos to figurines had to be included in the office décor.

When Jennifer chose to rebrand Devine Consulting naturally FRANK, the flamingo was the logo of choice. The rest is history!

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Fun, Reliable, Accessible, Nurturing, & Knowledgeable.

Meet The Leadership Team

jennifer devine from devine consulting
Jennifer Devine


james flores from devine consulting
James Flores

Director of Accounting

stephanie fagan from devine consulting
Stephanie Fagan

Project Manager

Elias Castellanos

Business Development

Meet our Staff

jennifer polise from devine consulting
Jennifer Polise

Senior Accountant

Meagan Davenport


Nicole Smith

Senior Bookkeeper

stephanie kress from devine consulting
Stephanie Kress

Senior Bookkeeper

greta neal from devine consulting
Greta Neal


Connie Hall

Administrative Assistant

Our Customers

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