At Devine Consulting, LLC, we understand that every business is different and accounting services need to be tailored to the specific needs of each client. That's why we serve a variety of industries and clients including startup companies, large enterprises, property managers, contractors, and more.

We can deliver a solution to give you peace of mind

We offer different levels of experience for every accounting service that you might need. This means that when you hire Devine Consulting, you're hiring a highly functioning accounting team. From basic data entry to enterprise-level management, we can deliver accounting solutions that gives you peace of mind.

Personalized one-on-one service. If you're completely new to managing your businesses’ accounting or you understand high-level accounting, we can help you solve your specific needs.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting with Devine Consulting will ensure that your business will experience:

  • Stress reduction.
  • A flourishing business.
  • Efficient and effective time management.
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • Focusing on big-picture business strategies.
  • Access to the right software such as QuickBooks Online and Sage Intacct.
  • Clear picture as to the financial health of your business.

Scalable & Flexibile Accounting

  • Ensure all your expenses are paid on time and accurately categorized in your books.
  • Help you stay on top of your invoices so that your business maintains a healthy cash flow.
  • Provide you with the financial reports you need to make smart business decisions.
  • Recommend the best financial software for your specific business.
  • Manage your payroll for you.
  • Recommend the best financial software for your specific business.
  • Manage your payroll for you.
  • Cost Control Analysis
  • Employee and Independent Contractor Compensation Reporting (i.e. 1099's, W-2's, etc.)
  • Business Advice/Solutions to Complex Problems
  • Periodic Reports and Analysis

We'll organize your books and prepare reports for bank loans. We work with independent contractors to report on financial performance and keep your business running even while you are enjoying your life.

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Property Managers

Whether you're dealing with late rent payments, surprise repair bills, unexpected move outs, or other potential hits to your cash flow, we can help you manage these issues by assessing the best way to respond financially.

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Family Owned

Owning a successful business and actually running one are two different things. You might have large amounts of capital and plenty customers, but your business won't thrive if you don't have effective bookkeeping skills as well.

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