Bookkeeping for Construction Firms

Get to Know Your Construction Firms Financial Books

Devine Consulting Specializes in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Financial Controller Services for the Construction Industry

Keeping track of payroll, expenses, taxes, and profits can be challenging. And it can leave you in the dark about your firm's financial status. Devine Consulting helps you get down to how lucrative your jobs are and understand your possible earning potential.

With our help, you can gain control, improve your job costing, and grow your revenue. Our team ensures that you know your firm's financial health and have the information to improve and scale your business.

Not only does Devine Consulting (and specifically owner Jennifer Devine) know the accounting side of things, they are also a big help on IT related accounting and booking keeping needs. If you are in need of IT savvy accounting folks, give Devine Consulting a call and I am sure they will help you out too.

Patrick Amante

Dedicate your time to client acquisition, bid preparation, and managing projects. We will manage your bookkeeping needs. Your financial records will be ready whenever you need them, and you'll be in compliance.

Let us tackle getting your books in order and restoring timely accuracy to your financial records. You can monitor progress and watch for potential trouble spots with the correct data.Construction industry bookkeeping involves managing cyclical accounts, long-term accounts, and several job sites.

This makes it necessary to have an experienced construction industry bookkeeping team working for you. Your dedicated bookkeeper is detailed-oriented and an expert in discovering hidden errors early on to reduce costly mistakes further down the line.

It was an honor and a privilege to work for and with Jennifer at Senterra. She has always been the consummate professional and a great mentor. Jennifer is very efficient and if a prospective company, small or large, needs a new system implementation or an interim controller, Jennifer is person for the job. She will definitely make your accounting system work for you.

Senior Corporate Accountant

Devine Consulting Construction Firm's Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Assessment of Existing Bookkeeping System
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Payroll Transaction Recording and Reconciling
  • Expense Report Generation
  • Sales Tax Remittance
  • Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposit
  • Cash-Flow Reporting

Devine Consulting's Construction Firm Bookkeeping Services enable you to:

  • Track Finances in Real Time
  • Track your firm's expenses and income anytime so you'll always be knowledgeable about your financial status.
  • Have the Information to Make Smart Decisions
  • Devine provides the data you need to help you make decisions that will grow your business.
  • Relieve the Stress
  • Your expertise is construction; ours is bookkeeping and accounting. We free you up to focus on your projects.

While You're at It…Get the Complete Package

Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Financial Controller Services for Construction Firms

Devine Consulting's bookkeeping and accounting services provide the foundation to support strategic planning, financial analysis, and tax preparation. Our Financial Controller Services goes even further, helping forecast, budget, and plan for the future of your business. Your dedicated financial controller will guide your planning process, develop your annual budget, provide accurate forecasts, and analyze your budget against actual performance.

With our comprehensive approach, you can be sure you're ready to take action and grow your firm. Our bookkeeping services provide the foundation for success. By organizing and tracking your financial information, we ensure that all required data is carefully documented so you can make informed decisions about tax planning, analyzing performance metrics, or formulating strategies to grow your business.

We understand the importance of accurately tracking income, expenses, and revenue streams. There's no guesswork, just accurate monitoring to give you the insights you need. Your dedicated bookkeeper will guide you along the way.

You will receive reliable and timely financial statements each month. We also recommend the right processes to streamline your systems.

Why is a Clear Financial Picture Important?

Inaccurate financial reports may cost you overall. Mismanaged cash flow and an inefficient invoicing process can lead to failure. You should know what money is coming in, what is going out, and a system in place to flag potential issues. We can help avoid costly mistakes related to inaccuracies in accounting data. And our team can find inefficiencies that can cost funds.

More than Just Basic Bookkeeping

There's more to bookkeeping than just recording payable and receivables and documenting your company's financial transactions. We offer complete bookkeeping services that manage payroll, provide monthly financial reports, and plan for the future. We ensure that our client's transactions are correctly coded, receive a six-month trend report on P&L, and their accounts are reconciled.

Get Your Customized Solution

We customize solutions for our clients that work best for their industry, preferences, and goals.

Basic bookkeeping services for small businesses

Do you need help managing your books but aren't ready to commit to full-service bookkeeping or accounting services.?

Then Frankly Bookkeeping is for you!

Frankly Bookkeeping is a division of Devine Consulting that provides simple, easy bookkeeping services for small businesses using QuickBooks Online. We take care of coding your transactions and reconciliations to ensure your books stay up to date on a regular basis. It's a simple, low-cost solution without a long-term commitment.


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