Client Advisory Services

Tailored CAS Solutions for Your Needs

Choose an accounting partner with the complete package. Devine Consulting takes your business to the next level with expert client advisory services (CAS) that guarantee accurate recordkeeping, financial planning, and strategic analysis. With our advisory services, clients have the professional oversight to navigate complex financial challenges and achieve success.

Tailored CAS Solutions for Your Needs

Why Choose Devine Consulting as Your
Business Advisory Accountant?

We’re not your average accountants. We take a pioneering approach to client advisory services, going beyond traditional consulting by providing detailed analysis, personalized solutions, and reliable support. Devine’s unique approach ensures clients receive tailored services aligned with their specific needs and growth objectives.

We cover it all, including:

Credit Card Reconciliation

Don’t let your organizational purchases get out of hand. Devine Consulting’s bank and credit card reconciliation services ensure your card payments align with your bookkeeping goals. Our foolproof strategy helps clients keep their books clean while saving precious time and avoiding legal trouble.

Budgeting and Planning

Get detailed, accurate tracking of your precious assets throughout their entire lifespan. Whether long-term investments or not, our fixed-asset management solutions capture every expense and its financial impact on your organization, from acquisition to disposal.

Building Your Tech Stack

Choose a partner that’ll help your business develop its technology stack with expert guidance in selecting, implementing, and integrating robust software solutions. From implementation onward, our experts will help ensure proper software configuration and setup. This includes data migration, user training, and customization to match your company’s workflow.

Tailoring Your Chart of Accounts

Devine Consulting provides an easy-to-view chart of accounts (COA) that lays out every financial transaction your business racks up in a specific period. Since we understand the nuances of your business operations, our COA services expertly customize account categories and codes to accurately capture relevant financial data.

Because our account charting solutions are so seamless and legible, you can make informed and strategic business decisions.

Financial Assessments

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your financial statements, cash flows, and key performance indicators to understand your financial health. This assessment allows us to identify potential risks, areas of improvement, and growth opportunities.

Strategy Formulation

Based on our financial assessment, we develop a robust and tailored growth strategy for your business. This strategy considers your unique needs, market conditions, and competition. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable growth and maximize your profitability.

Discover the Potential of Our CAS Services

By choosing Devine Consulting for your client advisory services, you’re getting more than unique, personalized solutions. Your business also benefits from the following:

  • A dedicated, full-time CAS staff
  • Consistent billing fees that remain the same from month-to-month
  • Greater client selectivity
  • The freedom to limit the general ledger software programs you support, just like the top-performing firms

We Understand the Difference Between CAS and
Client Accounting Services

Devine Consulting’s clients get more than outsourced accounting services. General client accounting services, like standard bookkeeping and reporting services, take a broad, unspecified approach to client accounting needs. While this approach is fine in theory, it doesn’t cover the full scope of assistance an advisory-based service can provide.

Instead, Devine’s CAS model is committed to ensuring your business thrives in the new era of digitalization and automation. Maintaining records is difficult to handle alone, so we offer pertinent and proactive advice that empowers you to make well-informed decisions.

Client Accounting Services
Business Advisory Accountant

Get Started With Devine’s Client Advisory Services

Whether you’re looking to streamline your financial operations or re-evaluate your business strategy, call on Devine Consulting. We understand the importance of trust and confidence in maintaining healthy client relations. By offering robust, personalized, and proactive CAS services, we’re constantly redefining what it means to be a trusted consultant and confidant.

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