Fall in Love with your Accounting Again

Fall in Love with your Accounting Again

Every business owner knows the importance of good accounting in their business. However, it is easy not to love your accounting, accountant, or any other part of that side of the business. Do you ever feel that way? Confused and frustrated every time you have to deal with your business’s accounting. Here at Devine, we want to help you fall in love with your accounting again. Here is how we do that!

Easy technology solutions

We think that technology is a huge asset to everyday personal life, and it is no different in your business life, either. We believe that it is important to embrace the accounting technology options out there. We always try to keep a good pulse on new technology and how it can benefit you and our clients! Not only is it efficient, but it also makes your life easier. There are easy ways to do all of those daily or weekly items, like paying bills, expense reporting, and more, if you embrace the technology available. We will work with you to provide solutions that work for and with your business.

Expert advice

Hiring a professional accounting team, from accountants all the way up to CPAs, is very helpful. It gives you access to various knowledge and experience that is hard to come by.

How does this help you love your accounting? You always get the best financial information possible when you have a question. What a sense of relief to have that peace of mind.

We handle the details

Hate dealing with entering bills?

Forgot to process payroll yesterday?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of business owners deal with these same struggles. But you don’t have to deal with them.

At Devine Consulting, we provide services like this and more to you, so you don’t have to deal with those tasks. Freeing up your time for those important things. (Like growing your business.)

Accounting is a necessary part of your business, but it shouldn’t be a headache. Outsourcing your accounting is a great way to fall in love with your accounting.

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Jennifer Devine

I'm an experienced finance professional with more than 20 years of experience. I've held several Controller positions throughout my career, most notably with an internationally respected commercial real estate investment, management, and brokerage firm. In this role, I was responsible for all aspects of accounting across the company's many operational divisions - including internet services, real estate development, property management, and brokerage services. As our company operated in multiple countries and currencies, it was essential to me that all financial reports were accurate and compliant.