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Collect Rents Regularly

Many property managers aren't collecting their rents regularly. This is especially true if they manage multiple locations, which makes it more difficult to track how well a business is doing from a cash flow perspective. You also may have to bill out common area and maintenance to your tenants, which can be a cumbersome task.

Keep You On Track

Most property managers spend a ton of time each month trying to get their tenants to pay overdue rent. We'll help you get in the habit of collecting management fees on a regular schedule. A regular schedule will help you to collect your fees, which, in turn, will keep your business in the black.

Accurate Financial Reporting

A detailed report of your rental property's history can also aid you in determining a property's profitability. For all the expenses and incomes that arrive through properties of people, you can create, maintain, and share a monthly report with the owners. The report can include anything and everything from rent, maintenance expenses, and extra costs, along with information about late payments, renter profiles, marketing activities, etc.

Whether you're dealing with late rent payments, surprise repair bills, unexpected move-outs, or other potential hits to your cash flow, we can help you manage these issues by assessing the best way to respond financially.

Property Manager Accounting Services:

  • Invoicing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Recording Rent Receipts and Bank Deposits
  • Time Tracking
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Tracking Late Rent and/or Association Fees
  • Tracking Tenant Move-Ins & Move-Outs
  • Paying Contractor and Vendor Bills
  • Processing Management Fees & Owner Disbursements
  • Preparing Financial Statements & Reports
  • Payroll Processing

Serving The Property Management Industry

If you’re a property manager, the number of tasks on your punch list can get pretty long. Managing multiple locations, service requests, updates, and amenities can be burdensome, and all of that is before you even think of collecting rent from your tenants. Chances are, you got into property management to turn a profit, and you shouldn’t have to find yourself drowning in a backlog of financial issues.

Devine Consulting keeps you on track with our property management bookkeeping! We can help you create systems to collect management fees and rent regularly and spend less time tracking down overdue payments. We can provide detailed reports to show you whether your property is profitable or not, and we can even help you track details like move-ins and outs, owner disbursements, and contractor bills.

Since 2011 Devine has been serving clients and companies just like yours, and you can have confidence in our ability to handle the details and provide accurate data and reporting that will help your business succeed. So let us handle some of those punch list items, so you can get back to managing your properties and turning a profit.

What Does It Mean To Be A Sage Intacct Partner?

If your business has become too big for QuickBooks online, but you still desire the personal and customizable solutions that you get with Devine, then Sage Intacct may be the right next step for your business. In layman's terms, it’s basically QuickBooks plus, and it offers unlimited users and completely customizable dashboards and reporting, among other features.

But we aren’t just telling you about another software option and leaving you high and dry. Devine Consulting is a Sage Intacct Accounting Partner (SIAP), and our team is here to offer solutions and strategies utilizing the software available.

So what does it mean that Devine is a partner? It means you get all of the benefits of custom internet accounting (Int. + Acct. = Intacct) with a real person to help manage it, without bearing the burden of the software yourself - the cost, the learning curve, or the management.

When you partner with Devine + Sage Intacct, your benefits include:

  • Integration & implementation with other software tools, allowing users in various departments to view and utilize your data
  • Quarterly updates in a format and dashboard that works for you and your business
  • Low cost of ownership. Sage Intacct has world-class security and backups, so your data is protected at a lower cost than securing it on your own.
  • Process automation. Cut down on tedious tasks by automating time and expenses, generating invoices, automating calculations and postings, etc.

You gain access to all of these incredible features without having to learn new software on your own. With Devine as your partner, you gain an innovative tool, along with the experts to set it up and manage it for you.

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