Devine is a Sage Intacct Partner, but what does that mean?

If your business has become too big for quickbooks online, but you still desire the personal and customizable solutions that you get with Devine, then Sage Intacct may be the right next step for your business. In layman's terms, it’s basically quickbooks plus, and it offers unlimited users and completely customizable dashboards and reporting, among other features.

But we aren’t just telling you about another software option and leaving you high and dry. Devine Consulting is a Sage Intacct Accounting Partner (SIAP), and our team is here to offer solutions and strategies utilizing the software available.

So what does it mean that Devine is a partner? It means you get all of the benefits of custom internet accounting (Int. + Acct. = Intacct) with a real person to help manage it, without bearing the burden of the software yourself - the cost, the learning curve, or the management.

When you partner with Devine + Sage Intacct, your benefits include:

  • Integration & implementation with other software tools
    • Allowing users in various departments to view and utilize your data
  • Quarterly updates
    • In a format and dashboard that works for you and your business
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Sage Intacct has world-class security and backups, so your data is protected at a lower cost than securing it on your own.
  • Process automation
    • Cut down on tedious tasks by automating time and expenses, generating invoices, automating calculations and postings, etc.

You gain access to all of these incredible features, without having to learn a new software on your own. With Devine as your partner, you gain an innovative tool, along with the experts to set it up and manage it for you.

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At Devine, we don’t just offer you our accounting expertise, we are here to help you with strategy and solutions! That’s why we are a SageIntacct partner, because we believe in offering you the best tools out there. With a software suite that is customized to your needs, the possibilities are vast. Sage Intacct is best-in-class!

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