How to Budget for Your Business

A solid plan is one of the most important tools for making sound financial decisions. And as your business grows in size, creating your budget to handle increased income and expenses may seem overwhelming. Learn if your current year budget plan is up-to-par and get a step-by-step approach for tackling your business budget. The Importance…

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Improving Accounting Processes in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is known for its complexities and challenges in financial management. With fluctuating costs, tight deadlines, and countless variables affecting project outcomes, having robust financial planning, bookkeeping, and accounting processes in place is crucial. Keeping up with modern technology can seem like an impossible challenge when you’re a contractor or running a construction…

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Overcoming Construction Industry Inflation Challenges

Overcoming Inflation Challenges in the Construction Industry

How to Overcome Inflation Obstacles & Improve Cash Flow Inflation has become a global reality that affects our daily lives – from grocery store shelves to the local gas station. Unfortunately, this economic pressure isn’t solely limited to everyday items; contractor and construction firm costs have also skyrocketed in recent years due to inflationary pressures.…

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The Importance of Timely Bookkeeping - Featured Image

The Importance of Timely Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is essential to running a business, no matter its size. Keeping accurate and up-to-date financial records is crucial to making informed decisions, managing cash flow, and staying compliant with tax requirements. After the end of the financial year, it’s critical to complete bookkeeping in a timely manner to ensure the business’s financial health is…

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Managing Backlog for Construction Firms and Contractors

Having a healthy project backlog can indicate a healthy financial status. Having projects on the horizon is amazing, but if not managed properly, having more work can be worse than having little work. A backlog can create challenges for which you must prepare in advance. You must ensure that you’re focused on more than what’s…

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Devine Consulting Blog Featured Image 6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Accounting Firm

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Accounting Firm

Business owners are, of course, concerned with keeping on top of their company’s financial status. That’s why you and other business owners work with professional accountants to help maximize your profits and grow your business. With the right outsourced accounting firm in place, you have a fierce protector of your revenue and a sage advisor. …

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